About Us

Our True North

We are the Gonzales Family based in the west valley of Phoenix-Metro. Our mission is to help you stay true to your north, so we can be true to ours - our boys! Baseball, bike rides and books fill our day when we're not in the office. We're proud to be a family-centric business. What gives you pride in yours?

Community is Our Business

We love supporting local and opened True North when we saw small businesses, as well as our friends and neighbors greatly impacted by social distancing requirements. We could easily see how to keep communities connected with a little help in the supply chain. So, here we are! We would love to help you stay connected - one package at a time.

Partnerships at Work

We often see opportunities around us to create efficiencies, enhance brands and support business expansion. From Fortune 50s to small nonprofits, we - and our diverse partners - bring critical business, entrepreneurial, brand enhancement, marketing, logistics, community relations and e-commerce skills together to support your mission. Let's narrow in and head your business in the right direction!